Improving Lives Through Impactful Research.

We owe much of what we practice in Medicine to research. Research allows us to answer the questions to the problems of today which help the patients of tomorrow. Research has helped billions of patients across the world. The investigations patients have for your conditions, to the treatment’s patients have planned are all based on an evidence base of research.


Willows Health aspires to be a leading Centre of Research in Primary Care. We are a professorial unit which asks the right questions to solve the problems which need tackling first. We have recently formed a partnership with the De Montfort University establishing the first national collaboration between a GP practice group and a University. The Willows-DMU Centre for Primary Care Research is a pioneering partnership putting the patient in the centre of the discussion.

Track Record

The unit has a track record in phase three clinical trials with commercial pharmaceutical companies to help establish treatments for major diseases. Our most recent project involved a drug used in Coronavirus to reduce the risk of complications.


We are always looking to develop our research unit and have the infrastructure to realise international research priorities.

The Willows Research includes:


Professor Rish Prasad, Prof Mo Roshan, Prof Fahad Rizvi, Dr T Kapasi (associate prof), Dr Vinay Gupta (Associate Prof), Professor Phillipe Wilson, Kieran Mann (Head of Research). We have a dedicated research project management team with Mr Imran Kapasi and Ms Simran Roshan.

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We are a NIHR Level 4 research site and only 1 of 4 NIHR CRN Level 4 research sites in the East Midlands. We steer the direction of research for the future nationally by sitting on the board of the NIHR partnership. NIHR CRN RSI Level 4 (Leadership) organisation and have been undertaking research for 5 years. One of the fastest growing research sites in England.

  • 1 of only 4  Level 4 (Leadership) sites in the East Midlands

  • Patients get the latest care due to our involvement in research

  • We are on the NIHR Partnership Group board

Science Lab


Won CCG award for the highest level of research recruitment of patients in 19/20​

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On average undertake 40 research projects a year​



Developing commercial research angle

  • Hired a Chief Scientist to further develop this

Lab Worker