We have a mission at Willows to engage, educate and empower our patients.


Our patients’ healthcare journey actually begins long before they ever have the need to consult with us. We believe Primary Prevention to disease is a vital component in reducing the risk of developing diseases which are known to develop as a result of lifestyle choices.

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Our aim is to engage our patients through meaningful communication which uses the medium which is accessible to most. We believe a digital strategy is key in developing this, and also using, where necessaries, methods which allow engagement of patients who have communication impairments or those who cannot use technological devices to communicate with us. We wish to do this through the development and delivery of dynamic patient focused webinars which answer the key questions central to the lives of our patients.


We think this education needs to be multi-faceted, and our social media streams and website are key in delivering this line of information. Leicestershire is home to one of the most diverse populations in the United Kingdom. As a practice we celebrate diversity, and by doing so we directly, and indirectly, reduce the health inequalities which arise as a result of the wonderful differences between us all.


We have made positive changes for all of our patients as our practice sites have become one business entity as Willows Health. It is now, more than ever, important to consult our patient participation groups.


Our PPGs still lack ethnic and age diversity. Our PPGs are keen on recruiting additional members who can help shape the way they wish care to be delivered.


We have recently partnered with Healthwatch Leicester. Our managers meet the Chair of Healthwatch monthly to help understand the current problems facing patients across Leicester. As a large practice group we may have more impact in shaping the way services are delivered to our patients in the future.