Our mission is to provide the best healthcare services available to older people. We aspire to become a Centre for Excellence in the treatment of older adults, and we are confident we can achieve this aim by providing dignified, personal and responsive care to our patients.


Willows Health host the only Primary Care Centre in the Midlands who have a dedicated team to look after the needs of our older patients. The team has extensive experience in looking after the needs of older people.

Our dedicated Older Person’s team include Dr Richard Wong (Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Director for Older People’s Services at Willows Health), Dr Vinay Gupta (GP Director), Dr Safwaan Patel (GP), Rose Papiniwundu (End of Life Care Nurse) and Naimah Essat. Our trainee General Practitioners gain a unique insight into the world of older people’s medicine and form part of the team during their GP practice clinical attachments.


Our approach to approaching older people’s health is unique. We think care should be pro-active as well as re-active. We think the best way to prevent problems is to reduce the risk of them happening at all. We can do this by providing a holistic assessment of needs for older adults in a ‘care plan’ assessment type approach. This allows professionals from other specialities to link into the work we are doing – these include the Care Navigator Team, District Nursing Team and the Integrated Mental Health Team.

We think this type of approach should be expert led, but patient centred. Our experience in this area highlights the importance of engaging with key friends or family who can help make important decisions for the older adult in their best interests.


Our care home patients receive unparallel care through regular weekly ward rounds which can be digital, or face to face. Care home ward rounds identify the risk of patients deteriorating using tools such as the John Hopkins Risk Stratification Calculator. This unique approach identifies people who may deteriorate well before they actually do.


Our team tries to keep the centre of the patient’s care in their preferred place – this can be either their home, residential care, or nursing home setting, although hospital admission is considered when required.


Our team currently provide care to:


  • How many nursing/residential homes

  • Locations of care homes

  • Number of care home patients


The delivery of our care also includes a dedicated training package to individual residential homes and nursing homes to improve the identification and management of common ailments in the older age group.

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