Willows Health is home to a passionate team of clinicians, research professionals & IT experts in order to be able to delivery accessible healthcare  across Leicester. 

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Professor Rishabh Bindah Prasad

Chairman; Willows Health

Rishabh is a Professor of Digital Medicine at De Montfort University; he founded the Digital Health Care Unit, and the Centre for Primary Care Research. With numerous publications, Rishabh regularly consults for some of the leading digital health companies in the world.

Rishabh remains clinically active as a general practitioner; with significant experience of utilising digital health care technologies to improve clinical care pathways. He has national and regional experience of commissioning, and leading clinical services, with a particular experience in End of Life Care.

He chairs Willows Health (the largest provider of primary care in Leicestershire).

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 Professor Mo Roshan

Chairman; Willows Health

Mo is a Primary Care Specialist in Leicester in a partnership at Willows Health. In the past three years, he has helped Willows Health grow more than 10-fold in size and the organisation now serves over 40,000 patients. 

Mo has undertaken research and published numerous papers on Diabetes and other health areas, and been a leading figure in transforming Diabetes Care, with a interest in Integration of care for which he was the lead clinician for Diabetes UK.

Mo has been at the forefront of Health and Entrepreneurship and has worked at consultancy level for major pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and 3M Healthcare in the field of Respiratory Medicine and for numerous other Healthcare companies in the areas of Diabetes , Cardiovascular Medicine, Anticoagulation and other areas. 

Mo is a dedicated educationalist and was a Program Director for East Midlands Deanery as well as a GP Tutor in Leicester. He has presented talks on promoting General Practice as a career and on “ Effective Presenting’.


More recently he has worked with colleagues in providing antibody testing response to the Covid-19 pandemic and provided analysis on the outcomes of Antibody testing in the London Area. The partnership has also provided Antibody testing to Health Professionals in the Leicestershire region.

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Dr Avinashi Prasad

Director; Willows Health

Avinashi is a director of Willows Health focusing on the Clinical Quality Work, overseeing audits and the resulting action plans around the quality of clinical care given to wide range of patients seen across the different sites. He is also the clinical Vice Chair in the Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group.

Avinashi has been working as the Principal GP at Clarendon Park Medical Centre for over 30 years. During that time, he has worked as a Disability Analyst, completed Drug Trials in the 1990s, and specialised in minor operations, including providing vasectomies. He is a keen educator and has been a tutor for medical students completing placements in primary care since the 1990s, instilling skills and encouraging students to consider General Practice as a career.

The practice of family medicine continues to be his passion. Despite all the changes over the past 40 years, at its heart, the Doctor-Patient relationship remains the most rewarding aspect of working in General Practice.


Dr Tariq Kapasi

Medical Director; Willows Health

Being the Medical Director, Tariq has a passion in ensuring high quality delivery of medical care to the patients he serves and provides clinical leadership across the practice group. He has significant experience in clinical governance which is fundamental in improving the effectiveness and safety of care provided. He is a clinical tutor for the University of Leicester, leads the delivery of Postgraduate Medical Education to GP Trainees and is a research associate with the Willows-DMU Centre for Primary Care Research. He has a particular interest in Cardiology and has worked as an associate at the Leicester Glenfield Hospital.

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Dr Vinay Gupta

Director; Willows Health

Vinay is a Director of Willows Health overseeing the operational & clinical staffing strategy, finances, and engagement in research opportunities related to the care of older people. He also looks after the residents of the local mental health rehabilitation unit and the delivery of Willows Health urgent care services.

Vinay has coordinated and implemented the delivery of personalised care planning for some of the frailest patients of Willows Health, the outcomes of which have been recognised both locally and on a wider scale. His role within the Digital Health Unit at De Montfort University complements this nicely as they push forward towards remote technology in the appropriate setting to improve the overall care of service provision.

Vinay is a keen teacher and one of the founders of the Willows Academy, which provides high quality undergraduate and postgraduate educational experience and promotes excellence in teaching within the primary care setting, strengthening his links with Leicester Medical School where he taught an undergraduate course and was an examiner.

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Professor Fahad Rizvi

Director; Willows Health

Fahad trained as a surgeon for 6 years in Surrey, West Midlands, Brighton and Portsmouth prior to finding his career as a GP in Leicester. He is a GP partner and continues to utilise his surgical skills in primary care by providing community-based surgery and training in hand surgery, urology, dermatology and minor operations. He is also a Locality Chair for West Leicestershire CCG and leads on Musculoskeletal, Urology, Emergency and Urgent Care for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland CCGs.

Fahad is a keen teacher and trainer and is the chair for Willows Academy for teaching medical students besides being involved with Integrated Professional Education, Physicians Associate, nursing and college students teaching. He has won many accolades and awards by the University of Leicester and RCGP for his teaching skills and enthusing young doctors and students to take up General Practice as their preferred career.


He is keen to continue working for increased funding to primary care, academics and resilience of NHS staff which he feels will help the communities and health economics.

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Kieran Mann

Chief Information Officer & Head of Clinical Research; Willows Health

Kieran is responsible for the rollout and development of EHR and Microsoft 365 tools to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and new ways of working across the business.

He founded the clinical research business unit which under his leadership progressed to the highest level of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network scheme in 19/20. Willows Health was also awarded for having the highest levels of patient research recruitment in Leicestershire for the same year.

He holds a PG Dip and is currently studying for an MSc at Imperial College London in Digital Health Leadership and is a Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist.

Prior to Willows Health, Kieran worked at Capgemini delivering mobile user experience consultancy to clients. 

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Paul Houseman

Chief Operating Officer; Willows Health

Paul holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Manchester Business School, and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) through the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). Paul is an Honorary Associate Professor, in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Monfort University, holds a Diploma in Management Studies (Birkbeck), is a qualified PRINCE2 practitioner, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).


Prior to Willows Health, and before moving into the Health sector, Paul had 24 years’ experience in the Private sector, in Barclays Bank Plc, KPMG, and Rolls-Royce Aerospace Plc.


Professor Philippe Wilson

Chief Scientific Officer, Willows Health

 Professor of One Health, Nottingham Trent University

Philippe is a Professor of One Health at Nottingham Trent University and acts as Chief Scientific Officer for Willows Health, leading clinical academic strategy.

First training as a Chemist at the University of Bath, he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry in 2016 then moving to an Academic Fellowship in Clinical Chemistry in Leicester. In 2020 he was appointed to a Personal Chair at Nottingham Trent University in recognition of his work in the One Health space, bridging the gap between clinical human and animal medicine. His research is internationally-leading and covers medical technology development (NMR/MRI miniaturisation) through to clinical trial design and implementation, and computational medicine/artificial intelligence.


He was named in the Forbes Magazine 30under30 listing for Science and Healthcare in 2018, awarded the Joseph Black Medal by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and named as one of the top 118 biological/clinical chemists globally in IUPAC’s 2019 listing.

Kavita Kachiwala.jpeg

Kavita Kachiwala

Personal Assistant to the Directors; 

Willows Health

Kavita’s role involves managing and coordinating the Directors’ diaries to ensure the effective use of their time and skills to plan and deliver additional services as directed by the Leicester City CCG across the seven main sites that make up the Willows Health Group. She also coordinates meetings with external agencies and research bodies.


Prior to working with Willows Health, Kavita worked in the Education sector for 20 years in various roles from Associate Maths Teacher to Deputy Head of the Mathematics Department. 


Kavita has a keen interest in travel and spent almost four years living in Japan, learning about the culture and various art forms – Tea Ceremony, traditional folk-dance, and the Japanese bamboo flute.


Stephanie Wightman

Practice Manager;

Willows Health

Stephanie is the Practice Manager for a number of the Willows Health sites; Willowbrook Medical Centre, Springfield Road Health Centre, Dishley Grange Medical Practice, Willows Medical Centre & Pasley Road Health Centre.

With over 20 years based at Willowbrook Medical, Stephanie has worked within the NHS throughout her entire career. Stephanie enjoys the operational aspect of her role and ensuring that both staff and patients are at the center of the surgery's operations. 


Jodie Marriott

Practice Manager;

Clarendon Park Medical Centre

With over 25 years based at Clarendon Park, Jodie has worked within the NHS throughout her entire career. Jodie is responsible for the overall operations, development and success of Clarendon Park Medical Centre. She enjoys the daily challenges of her role and strives to create the best environment for all staff and patients.