Willows Health provides home anticoagulation testing for those patients who cannot attend their GP surgery for the whole of Leicester City.


We have a dedicated clinical lead, team of pharmacists, nurses and healthcare assistants who provide this valuable resource to the City of Leicester.

We have had excellent feedback on this service from patients and local GP practices and strive to provide an outstanding service. We regularly audit various parameters for the anticoagulation service to ensure we are providing a safe, effective, caring and responsive service.

What is anticoagulation?

Anticoagulation is a medical treatment which essentially ‘thins’ the blood to reduce the risk of a clot forming which can then have consequences. This treatment can be short-term or long-term and can be for several medical conditions including atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valves and for the prevention of a clot in the lung or a leg. Typically, the medication which requires monitoring is Warfarin.

Why does Warfarin need to be monitored?

Warfarin is a drug which has saved an innumerable number of lives over the years. However, it requires close monitoring to ensure the dosing does not make the blood too ‘thin’. If you are prescribed Warfarin your Doctor or Nurse will have gone through the reasons you have bee placed on this medication, the side effects to look out for, and your own individual monitoring regimen.

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy
Image by Bill Oxford
Will I be visited if I am on Warfarin for an INR check?

Most patients will be required to attend their practice for an INR check. The facility for a home INR check is only available for housebound or bedbound patients who meet strict criteria.

I am a carer or patient who has home visits for INR checks. What do I need to know?

It is always useful to have the yellow book at hand to make sure you the dose is documented the next time you are seen by a member of our clinical team. If you are a carer it is always useful to be present if you have an elder or inform family member to help assist during the home visit appointment.

I have symptoms of coronavirus in the same house as my family member. What should I do?

If you have a visit due for an anti-coagulation check, it is essential you inform our clinical team so a risk assessment can be made as to whether the INR check can be delayed.